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PPC with Ascendancy Digital

Pay-per-click advertising is commonly referred to as PPC and many people assume this is the paid adverts you see on search engines. Whilst it is true that search engine ads are primarily charged on a pay-per-click basis, you can actually run ads on other platforms like Facebook on a pay-per-click basis.

Pay-per-click is any form of advertising where you pay a fee every time your ad is clicked. You are therefore buying clicks on your ads, rather than paying a fee for the amount of people your ad is likely to be seen by, (usually this is charged on a cost per thousand basis denoted by the letters CPM) or attracting them organically as you would do with search engine optimisation (SEO).

With PPC on Google or Bing you effectively pay for your website links to appear in their top rankings for search engine results. This gives your website greater visibility therefore generating a higher volume of people visiting your site. With over 50% of online searches starting on Google, effective Google ad management is a worthwhile investment.

PPC is an incredibly effective way of driving highly targeted traffic to your website in a defined time frame. However, we would never suggest only using PPC as it should always form part of your overall digital marketing strategy. We would always recommend search engine optimisation (SEO) as your long-term search engine marketing strategy. Complemented with additional activities such as email marketing and social media marketing, which is used to enhance online awareness and drive traffic to your website.

PPC is one of the most targeted forms of online marketing available. It is great for driving a reliable flow of traffic to your website particularly when your ads are targeting a specific product, customer or event. It’s also great for increasing your visibility for particular keywords, especially if you are struggling to achieve a good ranking for them with SEO.

Our PPC process


First we get to know you, your business and your objectives. Using these insights we research your target market, and the search terms or keywords that are relevant to your objectives. We then create a bespoke strategy that will reach your target keywords or audience effectively via paid search and other PPC campaigns.

Campaign Launch

Using our newly created bespoke strategy, we start by building your ad campaigns using the platforms we have chosen to focus on. This stage will include the set up of accounts and campaigns according to industry best practices, creation of ad copy and creatives, whilst implementing the correct targeting to ensure your ad spend is focused in the right places.

Measure & Evaluate

Once your campaigns are live, we monitor the initial results to make sure they are running as planned. We keep a close eye on both the ad spend and results generated, ensuring that your campaigns are performing effectively and meeting their goals and objectives.


As the campaigns run we are able to gather data and we measure the overall performance. It is at this point that we make strategic changes to optimise and improve their effectiveness. Our decisions are always made using data to guide us. We make adjustments to different aspects of the targeting, which result in better targeting and an improved return for your ad spend.

What we offer

Bespoke PPC strategy
A campaign tailored to your objectives.
ROI focused
An approach based on measurable targets.
Proven results
We have achieved results in a wide range of industries.
Thorough keyword research
We thoroughly research the keywords important to your business.
Regular reporting
Sustainable results that can be easily measured with regular reporting.

Frequently asked questions

The first benifit of PPC (pay-per-click) is that you can choose what you want to spend per day, so you could choose to spend a little or a lot. It doesn’t have to be expensive and if you set up and optimise your campaigns correctly you should deliver upon your business objectives. Of course it is very easy to waste money and it is all about being intelligent with your targeting and keywords whilst ensuring you are monitoring performance closely. You can pause campaigns at any point too, which we do if we find a particular search term is becoming too expensive or is not performing, there’s always the option to stop and review.

This depends on your comapny’s industry, keywords you wish to target and what result you are hoping to achieve. You can spend as little as £100 a month but we generally recommend a minimum monthly budget of c.£500.

This depends upon whether you are a new advertiser (i.e. do we need to set an account up for you with your chosen platform) or have an existing account, our PPC services will include an initial audit and research, keyword selection, targeting and creation of ad copy. The ongoing management is based around monitoring and optimising the account performance, ensuring that it runs as cost-effectively as possible while working towards your KPIs.

One of the big benefits of pay-per-click marketing is that it provides almost instant results. Once your ad campaigns are set up and running, they will immediately start driving targeted traffic to your website.

Like SEO you can manage your PPC campaigns yourself, however if you value having a team of experts or a dedicated specialist working on your account and keeping your time free to run your business then a PPC agency is worth every penny you pay for their services and are far cheaper than employing a PPC professional in an internal marketing function.

Find an agency that has experience across the platforms you are looking to run your ads on. Ask them about the current and past PPC campaigns they have run, and whether they have any experience working either in your industry or a related one.

Simply put an agency that offers PPC marketing will have experience running pay-per-click ads and they know how to set up, run and optimise PPC campaigns. They will manage your paid search campaigns to help you reach your marketing and sales KPIs, and provide a positive return on your ad spend.

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