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Social media is a generally used term to describe a huge variety of online platforms that enable users to create and share content and participate in conversations in public and private communities.


There are hundreds of social media channels to choose from and as a social media agency, Ascendancy Digital works with most of them including the most popular and prolific social platforms including FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

There are generally two terms to describe social media services and they are:

Social Media Management - this is simply the management of social profiles, responding to messages and comments along with posting important company updates and organic (non paid) social posts.

Social Media Marketing - this is the term generally ascribed to running paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook ads.

Ascendancy Digital offers both of these services as stand alone products or we can create a bespoke package to take care of all of your social media needs.

The majority of our clients choose us as their social media management agency as they either don't have the time, are unsure what to post and when or do not have the in-house resources such as a dedicated marketer and graphic designer to manage their social media accounts. The reasons why our clients choose us for their social media marketing needs are very similar with the added reason that they just don't know how to create, manage and optimise ads.


First off, we research your presence on social media and that of your competitors in order to assess the scope and scale of the campaign required in order to achieve your business objectives.


Our bespoke social media strategy is created with your business objectives, buyer personas, key performance indicators and brand requirements.

Content calendar.

In conjunction with your SEO strategy (if you have one), diary of events, seasonal and brand requirements we create a content calendar which ensures we know what to talk about and when on your social channels. This also helps us to prepare content in advance for your scheduled posts.

Campaign management.

This element is mainly concerning paid social ads, but we do also evaluate what content your audience engages best with to ensure future posts are optimised. We strive to increase your audience, engagement and reach in order to deliver inbound leads or sales whilst increasing your brand awareness.

Our social media process.

What we offer.

Bespoke social strategy.

ROI focused.

Proven results.

Graphic design included.

Regular reporting.

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